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Why Article Writing Works

Why Article Writing Works To Publicise Websites

An increasing number of website owners are using article marketing as a way to spread the word about their business.  Why is this an increasingly popular option?


Well clearly the main reason is that it works. The real question is why does it work? Why should writing articles about the subject area relevant to your website matter so much?


Well there are three primary reasons:

  1. Attraction marketing
    • If you read an article about a new product launch or some news of an event that interests you, not only are you learning something, you are also being entertained.  Good quality articles maintain the reader's interest and make them more inclined to browse your site further for more interesting things.
  2. Establishing knowledge and expertise
    • By providing content to people, you are creating a reputation for yourself, your business and your website.  The more useful and informative that content is, the more likely the reader is to trust, share and recommend the place where that article was read.
  3. Search engines love article content
    • It is no secret that search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo love fresh, relevant content.  The more often your website is updated, the more importance is given to it by the search engines.  Carefully including your target keyphrases and closely related ones furthers your SEO goals that much more.  And we all know that higher search engine rankings mean more traffic for your website.

With the growing influence of social media, good articles can get shared very quickly and you can develop quite a wide readership fairly quickly.  Once a publisher (i.e. you) gains a wide audience, it is important to keep up this momentum.  Article writing is a great tool in marketing your website online, whether you publish on article directories or on your own website.  Good articles also establish credibility and trust which is critical to attracting traffic and sales.

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