Article Writing for Less ...

Article Writing for How Much?

Article Writing for How Much?

Yes its true.  you can get quality articles written for your website for only £15 each (or equivalent in your local currency).

Typically when it comes to getting great content for your website, you have a number of choices:

  1. Hire a writer to work with you full-time or part-time.  This is great if you can afford it, but not normally something start-ups or smaller businesses can justify.
  2. Hire an off-shore writer.  This won’t cost you much, but can does it really give you what you want?  Can you afford to throw money in the hope of getting a good-quality article?
  3. Hire professional copywriters.  Again, like no.1 you’ll get the content, but will be paying a hell of a lot for it.  I have seen prices starting at £25 for a 300-word article!
  4. Write it yourself.  Good from a cost & quality standpoint.  However, haven’t you got better things to do than spend an hour writing an article?  Could that hour be better spent working on your business or spending more time with family & friends?

Well now, there’s no need to settle for one of the above.  Use GetAnArticle and you can get quality written content for your website for an affordable price.  No more rip-off prices, no more headaches, no more poorly written copy.



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Just received the first 2 articles. They are excellent. Looking forward to next month's articles now too. Thanks.

Pete Groton

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